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TadalafilCialis is an oral medicine that is known to be effective for erectile deficiency problems.

Drug usage

Erection is related to blood flow. When the blood to the penis slows down, a man can have erection problems. The cialis drug is known to work by relaxing the muscles in the penis. It is a known fact that when there is an uniterrupted blood flow in the penis, one expereinces good erection. The continuous flow of blood also helps in the erection to last for many hours.

How taken

The cialis medicine is an oral drug that can be taken with or without food. Normally the drug has to be used nearly 30 minutes before engaging in sex. The dosage may depend on a person’s health and the starting dosage is 5 milligram. Well, the recommended dose for an adult man is 10 mg and half that for elderly persons. While taking Cialis, you have to keep a time limit of 24 hours between two doses of drugs. Moreover, never take more than one pill as an overdose can only bring in many complications.

More Information

Never buy Cialis from the medical store without the doctor’s advise. The doctor should be consulted before using any impotency medicine. The doctor is the only person who is able to analyse your health record and suggest the dosage. Well, when talking to the doctor about your erection problems, tell him straight if you have any heart diseases, stroke, blood related issues, kidney problems, liver problems, high pressure, low pressure, angina, and retinitis pigmentosa. You should also tell the physician about all the allergies before he prescribes cialis.


The Cialis erectile deficiency medicine is not scribbled with certain drugs, especially medicines contacting nitrates. This is because cialis when combined with nitrate can bring in many complications like a sudden fall in the blood pressure, which leads to stroke and heart attack. Cialis is also not prescribed if you are taking any alpha drugs.

While using cialis, certain people have come across vision loss. Well, it is not yet proved if the condition of vision loss was due to Cialis. It has been seen that people who are diabetic and those who having high blood pressure and earlier sight issues had come across vision loss after using cialis.

When taking cialis, certain persons have experienced erections lasting for many hours. This is not a good tendency as longer erections can damage the penis. In case you come across any such condition, never delay in contacting your physician.

One should also not use alcohol while taking cialis as it can only complicate matters.

Side effects

While using cialis, beware of the side effects and allergic reactions. Breathing problems, swelling and hives are some of the allergies hat one can experience while taking cialis.

The side effects with cialis include: vision problems, hearing loss, ringing in ears, sweating, pain spreading to shoulders and arms, chest pain, seizures, nausea and irregular heartbeat. If you come experience any of these side effects, call your physician immediately.

Winding Roads And Ups And Downs

Tadalafil is used in treating common sexual problem called as erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is also abbreviated as ED. Another name which is used by many professional doctors is man impotence. This sexual problem is caused by high cholesterol level, diabetes, depression, spinal cord injury and high blood pressure. First of all we shall talk about the basic idea about the erectile dysfunction and then we shall go in detail. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem in which the blood flow does not increases in sexually excited state. It does not happen in the normal men. They can get a long erection in sexually stimulated state. Basically the flow of blood is controlled by a special enzyme. That enzyme increases the blood flow when a man becomes sexually excited. But in the case of infected person, blood flow does not increase through the arteries because he may have high cholesterol level. This high cholesterol level in the body restricts the flow of blood and the person remains impotent. read more

What is erectile dysfunction? This is the medical terminology used when a man cannot get an erection that is not stiff enough for sex. It is caused by a lack of blood flow to the penis, even during sexual stimulation. Over 50 percent of men who are older than 40 years have erectile problems.
read more

Many young men are outgoing and dashing. They are highly social and interactive. But often it is found that they are unable to make friends with girls and build relationships. As soon as someone tries to get closer, it makes these men claustrophobic and they look for a way out. Then there are others who are too shy and look down when ever a girl talks to them. Communities are made up of all types of people. What makes these people shy away from girls and relationships one wonders? read more

Every human being is different. No two people are alike. Similarly the attitude and the view points of people are so different. Life is actually short, but when we are young we do not comprehend the importance of time in life. Very few people know what they want out of life and their goal in life. Most of the people sail through life without knowing where they are going and what they want out of life. However, every day is an opportunity provided to us to learn lessons and evolve as better human beings. read more

Who knows a man better than his wife? A mother knows her children better than anyone else and in case of adults it is the wife who knows her husband better than anyone else. The same can be said to be true of men too. It is men who know their wives better than anyone else of course. When a man and a woman live in close proximity for a number of years, it is but natural that they get to know each other very well. read more

Whenever we refer to the youth, we normally refer to them as angry youth. We frequently refer to the young blood and youth fury etc. If you give it a little bit of thought you will realize that every young man is an angry young man who has just woken up to the fact that he is a man and has an individual identity. read more

We Human beings are complex creatures. Perhaps even God has trouble trying to understand us. We are intelligent and super smart to unearth nature’s secrets, make inventions and find cure for maladies that threaten the human body. read more

Cialis and Young Men

Very often in every party or a group, the subject of sex and relationship always surfaces when men meet together. The latest magic sex pills always are a hot topic in such discussions. This may lead to many youth in trying to blindly go in for buying Cialis across the counter at the drug store or ordering it online without trying to see whether one needs the drug or not.

Youth are often found confused when it comes to their understanding of sexuality, feelings, romance, relationship etc. Due to their age, there is a strong underlying sexual drive that runs through their understanding and colors their perception.

Passion and sexual drive being very high in a youth, they often mix up their feelings and physical passions and do not understand the difference between the two. Any need for an emotional security or closeness and feelings, be it of affection or insecurity and anxiety can get reflected or exhibited through physical aggressiveness and sexual passion. This is the reason why men are often found to believe that engaging in sex is a solution to all problems relating to themselves and their partners while this may not be the case.

If in such a state, youth come across Cialis as the wonder drug that promises increased sexual drive, it is no surprise that people queue up to buy this. Do they really understand what they need? Does Cialis help them? For these questions to be answered they need to consult a doctor and understand how Cialis works.

Cialis works as a cure to erectile dysfunction caused due to lack of blood supply to the penis. Cialis works as a PDE5 inhibitor and increases the blood flow to the penis enabling the organ to achieve erection.

Many people suffer from the common ailment known as impotence. Erectile dysfunction, to give it the medical terminology, is the inability to sustain an erection. Erection is the arousal of the person sexually either through mental images or through physical contact with the penis. read more

After the last World War, people must have thought that we have seen the end of wars on this earth. But those who thought so were totally mistaken. We are successively witnessing one war after another and one uprising followed by another. Perhaps this is all a part of the evolution. Man is at war not only with other countries and nations but is at war within himself. He is also at war with nature. Global warming and the havoc nature is playing has directly to do with man’s war with nature. We are yet to realize that nature is supreme and however intelligent man might be he can never master nature. If we believe that we are in control of nature, we are wrong. read more

Many scientists are trying to improve the life style of the people by making new useful things for them. These things help the people in different ways i.e. if we talk about the vehicles then these vehicles is mean of transport. We can go anywhere with the help of these vehicles. Same is the case with the medical field in which many medicines have been formed by different pharmaceutical industries but still there are many diseases which cannot be treated by the medicines. In short words we can say that the ratio of easiness and hardships in life is equal. New things which make our life easy also create problem for us. read more

We use diet in our daily routine and everyone try to use a healthy diet. Healthy life enhances our immune system which helps against the disease. But sometime some content in the diet may cause the problem and some diet do vice versa. In this study high-fiber content is discussed which may lead to decrease of diabetes. read more



A loving partner and a healthy sexual relationship make your life heavenly. Sparks of sexual relationship are blown off if the disease of impotence attacks a man. To help victimized couples give an escape from the agony of impotence, Lilly ICOS pharmaceuticals ventured to formulate a drug which would promise complete but safe eradication of erectile dysfunction and after years of research work and desperate experimentation came up with the answer, Cialis. This drug successfully squeezes out the horrid disease of impotence from the body. The features of the drug which have made it suitable to use are its low adverse effects on the body and freedom from being constrained from certain foods when using it.


Erection is the stiffening of the penis which occurs due to the filling of the penile tissue with blood. The stiffening of penile tissue is stimulated by the sexual touch, most probably on the penis. Sexual touch makes the cells in the walls of the blood vessels of the penis to manufacture a factor called Nitric Oxide. This factor is then pushed out of these cells in the blood where it acts on GTP to catalyze its conversion into cGMP. As soon as cGMP is formed, the vessels begin to dilate under its affect. The dilated vessels allow the release of blood from them into the sinuses housed in the spongy tissue of the penis, carpus cavarnosum. The level of cGMP declines in the disease of impotence hence resulting in flaccidity. Cialis escalates back the declined level of cGMP back to normal as required for erection.


The extraordinary features of the drug have made it surpass all its ancestors in every corner of the world. Day by day, CIalis is becoming the choice not only of the users, but also of the physician’s all over the world. Food insensitivity of CIalis is rendering it administrable with any food of delicious flavors. Moreover, the excruciatingly long duration of its action, i.e. of 36 hours, has made it the sole realization of one’s sexual fantasies. A single tablet of Cialis could last the whole weekend while the couple enjoys the endless taste of the delicious spiced up love session. Moreover, due to the immense specificity of the drug to target only the required enzyme, the side effects of Cialis are minimized to almost nil. No more would be the side effects feared when you let your sexual worries to be handled by Cialis.


Possible side effects of the drug are dizziness, stomach disorders, hypotension and runny nose. The drug is advised to be taken for not more than once in 24 hours time, half an hour before sexual interaction within which the drug enters the blood stream to reach its target enzyme. Initially, the beginner should take minimal dose form of 5mg, which could be increased to 10mg or 20mg until satisfactory effect of the drug is achieved. Avoid nitrate containing medications and vasodilators with Cialis to minimize circulatory shock.


Since, the drug is modern preparation equipped with excellent capabilities, it seems quite justifying that the drug should be availed in a modern way of ordering it online from our original quality pharmacy in a low cost and high convenience.

Why sexual health is important?

A person who is healthy enjoys his office and home work. His body supports him while he is doing work. Moreover, the level of interest in work also builds with a healthy life. Contrary to this, it is nearly impossible for an unhealthy person to enjoy his work. He remains tired and finds it difficult to handle a job. This shows the importance of health in a person’s life. What are the main causes behind bad health of people? Well, the main reason is probably carelessness of people towards their health. According to professional doctors, every person should meet his family doctor at least once in a month of proper medical checkup. There are many health problems which a person cannot experience unless he goes for medical checkup. If he is suffering from any problem, the routine medical checkup will allow him to identify it at initial stage. At this stage, every health problem is easy to treat and the person takes less time to recover. This article will put lights on the sexual health of a person.

We all are aware of importance of sexual health. A person who is sexually unhealthy cannot enjoy the sexual intercourse with his partner. There are different kinds of sexual problems from which a person can suffer. Some of them take less time to treat and some are untreatable but their effect is minimized for a short time by using prescribed medicines. Erectile dysfunction is that sexual problem in which the suffering man cannot maintain his erection for longer time. Due to this, he remains unable to satisfy the sexual desire of his partner. Moreover, the does not enjoy the sexual intercourse as good as a normal man can. Some recommended medicines for its treatment are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra but any of these medicines should be used after meeting an experienced doctor. There are specific medicines which should not be taken along with Viagra, Levitra and Cialis; otherwise they cause serious side effects.

It has been seen that many people who are suffering from sexual problems do not consult with doctors because they feel embarrassment. It is completely wrong attitude of such people towards the treatment of sexual problem. A sexual problem should also be treated like a normal health disease. It is important that affected person only take prescribed medicines. Taking heavy dose of medicine cannot increase the erection time but will only cause side effects. The maximum erection time which a person can achieve is 3 hours and this time is enough to enjoy sexual intercourse with partner. The use of these medicines cannot provide protection from sexually transmitted disease. Moreover, people who have premature ejaculation problem should go for other treatment because they can get erection but unable to control it. Kegel exercise can help such people but they should avoid using above mentioned points. In a nutshell, people should avoid the causes of sexual problems rather than treating them for long time and suffering as well.

More info at health and safety information for Canadians

Cialis vs. blood flow

Number of medicines is increasing with the increase in number of health problems. Since there is a solution of every problem so a man faces lees difficulty in treating any health problems. Some health problems can be treated by using simple medicines but some health problem need a proper medication for their treatment. Some of them are sexual problems in which the most common problem is erectile dysfunction. In this article, I shall tell you about the solution of erectile dysfunction. You may know different names of medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but the mostly prescribed medicine is Cialis. Cialis has all those properties which are essential part of every good medicine.

First of all we shall discuss about erectile dysfunction. The main causes of this sexual problem are high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and spinal cord injury. Try to control these health problems because they may become the cause of erectile dysfunction. In erectile dysfunction, the infected person cannot get erection in sexually excited state. Since the blood flow through the arteries dos not increase in infected man so he remains unable to get erection. An erected and hard penis is very necessary for the sexual activity. The person cannot enjoy sex without it. If you have this problem and want to get erection in sexual excited state then I shall recommend you to use Cialis. Cialis can give you a long erection. In that duration you can enjoy sex easily with your partner.

Talking about the side effects of Cialis you will come to know about some common and uncommon side effects. The chances of getting common side effects are greater than that of uncommon. But common side effects are less hazardous for the health as compare to uncommon. So if you get any of the uncommon side effects then you should go for a medical help. Your doctor will give you an immediate treatment to cure these side effects. If you will get late then you may get other health problems also. Some common side effects of Cialis are headache, back pain, muscles aches, dizziness, stuffy or runny nose and facial flushing. Some uncommon side effects are loss of hearing and vision. Some people have also get heart attack in uncommon side effects. It is not confirmed that these uncommon side effects are whether caused by the use of Cialis or any other medicine because those people who got these side effects were also using other medicines.

There are some care tips about the use of Cialis. If you are taking those medicines which contain some composition of nitrates then avoid taking them with Cialis. It can decrease your blood pressure to unsafe limit or cause other problem for your health. If you have an allergy to any component of Cialis then ask your doctor before its use. He will tell you whether you should use it or not. In short, we can say that Cialis should be used according to the prescription of a professional doctor.

Look holds the key to happiness

What do we all want in life? We want to be happy. How do we become happy? We become happy when we love and are loved. This is the basic truth. Every individual works towards being happy all the time. All his actions are aimed at achieving this happiness in life. To be happy is to be in love. To be in love is to be connected with every other being and to reciprocate the good feel from the heart.

Love has a very wide and vast scope as well as meaning. There is of course the romantic love that each one of us wants and searches for. This feeling of romance and love is based on wanting to share and find our soul mates. Each one of us wants to be wanted and loved by the other exclusively. We want to be with the person we love every moment in life and feel comforted and secure. A man looks for his lady love, a saint looks to his lord to profess his love and the mystics are in love with the god’s entire creation itself. They believe that the creation is manifested and held together by the unseen thread of love.

Love makes us better persons. It draws out the best of the qualities in us and makes us better human beings. When two people are in love they forget not only the world but they forget their hunger and other bodily needs too. However such romantic love does get expressed and extended to physical love or sex. Thus sex becomes the natural expression of the love and makes the couple consummate their love and relationship. Nature has intended it to be this way to ensure procreation and to ensure that the adults nurture their young ones and raise them. What makes the homes and happy families is the love that is binding between the man and the woman.

Unfortunately mankind is also used to seeking sex purely as a physical passion resulting out of the physical sexual drive. Man’s ego is undoubtedly tied unconsciously to his libido. This is a social and cultural conditioning in all societies. Therefore men feel inadequate when they are unable to perform and engage in sex. Generally men who are passionate are not able to forgo the lure of sex. In many we can ascribe this weakness to the hormones in the body. For ages men have been looking for various types of aphrodisiac solutions and substances as well as other libido enhancers in pursuit of satisfying or rather increasing their sexual drive. Little do they realize that sex drive is more mental than physical. In many societies and cultures it is acceptable for men to seek sexual pleasures independent of love and relationships. Those societies that enforce strict discipline and code of conduct in order to regulate relationship and to promote true love leading to marriage and commitment in the place of sex are found to be healthy with less of psychological as well as health problems.

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Cialis is a medicine which I can surely say works tremendously well. I haven’t used it but my friend has serious problem with erection and he used every medicine but remained as such. When he started using Cialis, it worked very good and showed best results.


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I love my girlfriend. We had sex multiple times but she was not satisfied because of erection for shorter time. I asked the doctor for its remedy and he recommended me Cialis. This medicine now gives me erection for longer time. Now she is very happy and satisfied with me on bed.


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